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Lawn and Landscape Maintenance for Every Season in Des Moines

After two decades in the lawn care industry, you learn a trick or two about how to keep grass happy and healthy. It’s all about timing and thinking ahead, knowing what the grass needs and providing it. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when caring for and fertilizing your lawn, and they align with changing seasons.

Spring has Sprung: Fertilizing your Grass

First things first; you’ve got to start somewhere. Plan an application of fertilizer for the early spring, to bring grass out of dormancy and help it green up. This will also help prevent a buildup of crabgrass and summer weeds.

Once you’ve established a healthy start to the season, it helps to follow up with an application of liquid fertilizer in late spring. This will maintain that ideal green and healthy lawn. A second application of pre-emergent broadĀ leaf weed control can also help to assure your lawn stays neat and well-tamed, without pesky weeds popping up in unwanted patches.

You may also considers spraying for pests around the perimeter of your home while you’re taking the time to think about your home and lawn care. This periodic treatment of your house’s foundation helps to prevent insects and other pests (such as spiders, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, and ticks) from entering your home. the pesticide is applied with a 4-6 perimeter of your house and minimizes the need for interior pest control. If you want to take extra steps to assure that your home remains pest-free, make sure that doors seal property, window casings are securely caulked, wall vents are screened, and firewood is stacked away from the foundation.

Summertime: Eliminating Weeds and Insects

By the time summer is in full swing you should be enjoying your healthy green lawn. Grilling out and hosting summer parties is a breeze, thanks to all of your smart thinking earlier in the season. It is around mid-summer that I recommend a preventative inspection and treatment of your lawn for weeds and insects. This will involve spot-spraying any weeds that are present and whipping problem areas into shape. You may also opt to apply grub preventative at this time. At Des Moines Lawn and Landscape, we highly recommend this treatment to maintain an ideal and healthy-looking lawn.

Fall and Winter: Preparing for the Cold

In late fall, consider treating your lawn with a winterizing fertilizer. This means that fertilizer will contain a heavy amount of Nitrogen, which feeds the lawn through the winter and carries healthy momentum forward into spring.

Just like nature, everything is cyclical when it comes to fertilizing and maintaining your lawn. It’s always wise to take five minutes to plan ahead so that you can spend hours and days enjoying the weather take part in community activities. To learn more about how to make your lawn healthy and beautiful,