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Fertilization & Weed Control Program

Follow our fertilization schedule and keep your lawn feeling healthy and happy. Our team is always happy to quote a free estimate for you. Please feel free to contact us today.

Fertilization Application Schedule

  1. Early Spring Application
    • Balanced rate of fertilizer to bring grass out of dormancy and start green up.
    • Provides pre-emergency for the prevention of crabgrass and summer annual weeds.
  2. Late Spring Application (Liquid)
    • Balance fertilizer to maintain grass health, color and vigor
    • Another application of pre-emergent
    • Broadleaf weed control
  3. Summer Application
    • Balanced fertilizer
    • Inspection and treatment for weeds and insects
    • Optional grub preventative
  4. Early Fall (Liquid)
    • Balanced Fertilizer
    • Broadleaf weed control
  5. Late Fall
    • Heavy rate of Nitrogen to feed through winter and aid in spring green up

Additional Fertilization Services Offered:

  • Free lawn analysis and estimates
  • Customized fertilizer programs
  • Disease control/grub preventative
  • Drill and over seeding
  • Perimeter pest control
  • Aeration
  • Soil sample testing
  • Round up and de-weeding


What is perimeter pest control?

This is a liquid applicate of insecticide designed to place a protect barrier around your home. The periodic treatment of foundation walls, 3-6 feet out from the foundation around the perimeter of your home. At this time the surrounding plant beds in your landscape will also be covered. Although most insects do not cause structural damage, they are a nuisance and must be controlled.
Advantages of Perimeter Pest Control
• Pesticide applications are made outside of your home –not inside.
• Minimizes need for interior pest control
• Insects are controlled before they enter your home
Perimeter pest control applications are 4 times per year (once per season.) For more information on perimeter pest control, please